FloraLife® PRG 100

Features & Benefits

• Clean stems increase water uptake and conditions flowers for greater freshness.
• Can be used on all flower types including mixed premade cash-and-carry bouquets.
• Effective at room temperature and in storage coolers.
• Especially effective on Gerbera, field flowers, and any other fresh cut flowers that are susceptible to water stress related issues.
• Inhibits stem blockage resulting in less bent necks and wilting foliage.
• Product is clear in all water types.
• Suitable for all types of water.
• Helps reduce flower waste/shrink.
• Clean hydration and feeding solution results in better value for consumers and maximized experience/enjoyment with flowers.
• Can be used in combination with FloraLife® Flower Food products, such as FloraLife® Express.


Place 1 FloraLife® PRG 100 tablet per 2 quarts / 2 liters of water/flower food solution mixed in a bucket. Place fresh cut flowers in the bucket as you would normally (cut or no cut depending on what flower food type you use). Minimum treatment is 24 hours.


1 tablet per 2 quarts (2 liters) of water.

FloraLife® PRG 100

Treatment Tablet for 2 Liters of Solution

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FloraLife® PRG 100 treatment is used in buckets to clean flower stems and maintain flower food/water solution clarity. This treatment can be used for all flowers but is especially effective on Gerbera, Sunflowers, Stock, Dahlia, Gladiolus, Zinnia, and many other field-grown flowers that tend to create “dirty” water issues or that are susceptible to water stress related concerns. Keeping postharvest solutions clear ensures better water uptake through the stems, prevents bent necks and wilting foliage, and ultimately reduces waste/shrink. Ideal for growers, bouquet operations, wholesalers, supermarkets, florists, and event planners.


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