FloraLife® Rose Food Clear 300 Packets

Features & Benefits

  • Unique ingredients enhance rose performance with an increased vase life of 2 - 4 days (20+ %) more than standard flower food formulas.
  • Brilliant flower colors, making the petals showy and vivid.
  • Clear vase solution which adds to the outward show of a rose’s glamorous look.
  • Prevents premature bent neck and stimulates water uptake. This rose food solution works to reestablish the nutrient balance once the flower is harvested.
  • Suitable for use in mixed or straight line bouquets containing roses and foliage greens.


  • Make sure vase or flower container is clean prior to use.
  • Remove foliage from the flower stem area which will be located below the solution level in the container.
  • Recut 1 inch (3 cm) off the bottom of the stems with a clean, sharp knife or cutting tool.
  • Mix flower food according to the label instructions and pour into vase. Put stems into vase and enjoy.


Dissolve 10 grams of FloraLife® Rose Food Clear 300 per one quart (1 liter) of water.

FloraLife® Rose Food Clear 300 Packets


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FloraLife® Rose Food Clear 300 is specially formulated for roses, one of the high value crops. It is engineered with ingredients to keep bouquets and arrangements looking fresh, reducing waste and increasing the return on your investment. With this premium flower food, roses yield greater sales and repeat business. It keeps flowers fresher, slowing down the aging process, resulting in optimal shelf life and enhanced consumer experience. For consumers.

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