FloraLife® Clear Rose 200 - 5 Gallon

Features & Benefits

  • Provides a balanced formula to lower the pH and increase the speed of rose hydration.
  • Provides the appropriate amount of nutrients to inhibit premature bud opening and bent neck in roses.
  • Helps in keeping the rose stem’s “plumbing” free flowing.
  • Effective at room temperature and in storage coolers.
  • Product is clear in all water types.
  • Helps reduce flower scrap and customer credit adjustments.


  • Remove foliage from the flower stem area which will be located below the solution level in the flower container.
  • Recut 1 inch (3 cm) off the bottom of the rose stems with a clean, sharp cutting tool.
  • Place stems in a clean bucket filled with FloraLife® Clear Rose 200 mixed with the right amount of water. Keep treated during transport or storage until it is time to prepare roses for consumer sales. Add additional solution as needed. Change out bucket solution at least once per week and use clean buckets prior to filling with new solution.
  • After treatment with FloraLife® Clear Rose 200, use FloraLife® Express Universal 300 flower food to aid in opening up the rose buds for a beautiful display.


This is a concentrated product which needs to be mixed with water at the following rates: 1 part product to 100 parts of water (1:100) or 10ml/L or 1% diluted. Dispense 2 tsps. of FloraLife® Clear Rose 200 per one quart (1 liter) of water.

FloraLife® Clear Rose 200 - 5 Gallon

Liquid Concentrate & Powder

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Commonly used by floral professionals during the transport and storage stage of roses, the FloraLife® Clear Rose 200 treatment is an ideal conditioner for increased freshness. Keeping flowers fresh makes for less waste and provides for maximum enjoyment. An excellent choice for high volume users: growers, shippers, bouquet makers, wholesalers, supermarkets and florists. Great for processing, shipping, or shop displays when wanting to keep roses from opening prematurely.

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