FloraLife® Leafshine

Features & Benefits

  • Shines up foliage for a cleaner appearance of green potted plants and cut foliage in flower arrangements.
  • Provides a “natural” shine, not an oily appearance. 
  • Keeps foliage clean longer, as there are no oily residues to attract dust.
  • Removes and keeps water spots and calcium deposits away.
  • Ready-to-use product has easy to use sprayer nozzle.
  • Reduces water evaporation of leaves.
  • Provides a pleasant, natural scent; no offensive odor.
  • Suitable for most foliage plants except those with fragile or hairy leaves, succulents, and ferns. Avoid spraying on flower blooms and buds.
  • 25% free bonus-size cans.


  • Shake can vigorously before spraying on foliage.
  • Spray lightly on tops of hard foliage type leaves from a distance of 12 – 15 inches. Move the can side to side to get a more even coverage of spray and better effect. Hold can upright when spraying.
  • Allow 5 minutes to dry before wrapping or covering the sprayed plant or foliage to assure an appealing shine.


This is a ready-to-use product. No mixing required.

FloraLife® Leafshine

Aerosol Spray

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Use FloraLife® Leafshine to add an appealing shine to all hard leaf foliage plants and fresh cut foliage and flower leaves used in straight bunches or arrangements. This easy and ready-to-use product provides a natural and healthy look to foliage. Spray foliage to clean and enhance for best appearance. Suitable for the entire floral distribution chain, from growers to consumers.

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