FloraLife® Hydrate Hydrangea
FloraLife® Hydrate Hydrangea
FloraLife® Hydrate Hydrangea
FloraLife® Hydrate Hydrangea

Features & Benefits

  • Specifically formulated for the hydrangea crop.
  • Provides optimal vase life and prevents premature and inconsistent wilting.
  • Improves water uptake.
  • Contains acidifiers to lower the pH of the water and enhance hydration.
  • Maintains cleaner hydration solutions to reduce stem blockage.
  • Effective at room temperature and in storage coolers.
  • Reduces volume of water used after harvest, saving costs and increasing sustainability due to the ability to be used for hydration and transport.
  • Prepares hydrangeas for dry shipment.
  • Rehydrates hydrangeas after a period of dry storage or transportation.
  • Helps reduce flower shrink.
  • Compatible for use with end-of-stem hydration bags.


  • Remove foliage from the flower stem area which will be located below the solution level in the flower container.
  • Re-cut flower stems with a clean, sharp cutting tool, cutting at least 1 inch from the bottom of the stems.
  • Place flower stems in a bucket solution of Hydrate Hydrangea for 1 - 2 hours at room temperature, or in a cooler overnight (approx. 34- 38° F).
  • Continue to use Hydrate Hydrangea as a storage and transport solution. Alternatively, FloraLife® Express Clear 200 or FloraLife® Express Clear ULTRA 200 can be used as the next stage of hydration.


This is a concentrated product which needs to be mixed with water at the following rates: 1 part product to 200 parts of water (1:200) or 5ml/L or 0.5% diluted.

FloraLife® Hydrate Hydrangea

Liquid Concentrate

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Floralife® Hydrate Hydrangea is specifically formulated to hydrate and condition hydrangeas after harvest and/or after a period of dry storage. This product increases flower quality throughout the supply chain and consistently results in better vase life performance. Floralife® Hydrate Hydrangea relies on new technology explicitly formulated for hydrangeas to enhance the flow of liquid through the flower stems that provides long- lasting hydration and prevents premature and unpredictable wilting.

For larger size items, contact a FloraLife representative for information.

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