FloraLife® D.C.D.® Cleaner
FloraLife® D.C.D.® Cleaner
FloraLife® D.C.D.® Cleaner
FloraLife® D.C.D.® Cleaner
FloraLife® D.C.D.® Cleaner

Features & Benefits

  • Disinfects and reduces bacterial and other microbial growth which harms flower vase life.
  • Multiple use areas – coolers, tools, containers, work surfaces, and shipping areas.
  • Lasts longer – it doesn’t quickly break down or evaporate like bleach. Creates a protective layer that continues working for at least 24 hours.
  • Pleasant citrus scent, not an overpowering odor like chlorine bleach.
  • Concentrated product.
  • No rinsing – no need to rinse out buckets with water after application of the product.
  • Reduced cleaning time, as the combination of effective ingredients is longer lasting than bleach.


  • For a Dosing System: 1:128.
  • For manual mixing, dissolve 1 to 2 oz (30 to 60 ml) of liquid concentrate in 1 gallon (4 Liters) of water per label instructions for desired application.
  • Scrub items with the solution and let soak for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • It is not necessary to rinse with water. The coating will be effective in keeping the item which is scrubbed clean.
  • Store product away from food items.


This is a concentrated product which needs to be mixed with water at the following rate: 1 to 2 ounces (30 to 60 ml) of liquid concentrate in 1 gallon (4 liters) of water.

FloraLife® D.C.D.® Cleaner

Liquid Concentrate

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Use FloraLife® D.C.D.® Cleaner solution to disinfect, clean, and deodorize flower buckets, vases, containers, tools, work surfaces, coolers, shipping and packing areas. Using FloraLife® D.C.D.® Cleaner solution, you will benefit from the rewards of fewer microorganisms that affect the wellness of your flowers for sale. Flower wellness not only brings customer satisfaction but repeat business.

For growers, wholesalers, bouquet makers, supermarkets, ecommerce and florist professionals: Use as a general purpose, long-lasting, antimicrobial detergent for efficient cleaning and disinfecting action against bacteria and fungus. Clean to reduce the plugging up of flower stems which reduces water uptake. Improve flower life as a result of a cleaner environment with less bacteria and other microorganisms present.

EPA Registration #1839-95-32258

For larger size items, contact a FloraLife representative for information.


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