FloraLife® Blend Center
FloraLife® Blend Center
FloraLife® Blend Center
FloraLife® Blend Center
FloraLife® Blend Center

Features & Benefits

  • Easy to install. Simply screw under the sink or on the wall and connect to water faucet.
  • Easier and more accurate dosing. Perfectly mixes FloraLife® Solution Products with water at the correct ratio.
  • Compact system unlike traditional dosing units.
  • Saves huge amount of labor time.
  • Injection rate .5% - 1.6%.
  • Flow rate 4.5 gal/minute.
  • Minimum amount of parts.
  • Resists corrosion.
  • Easy push button on/off.


A fresh water source is connected to one end of the system. The system then draws concentrated FloraLife® Flower Food solution from a bucket or drum and mixes it with the correct amount of water. The solution is then dispensed into desired containers through a handy hose and wand. 

Suggested Products and Settings:

  • FloraLife® Flower Food 300, FloraLife® Express Universal 300, FloraLife Crystal Clear®: 1.6% (green tip)
  • FloraLife® Clear 200, FloraLife® Express Clear 200, FloraLife® Express ULTRA 300, FloraLife Crystal Clear® ULTRA: 1% (brown tip)
  • FloraLife® HydraFlor 100, FloraLife® Express Clear ULTRA 200: .5% (turquoise tip)

FloraLife® Blend Center

Dosing System

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Time is a resource florists typically do not have. Dosing flower food solutions through hand pump or hand measuring methods can take up part of this valuable time and lead to a decision not to use the flower food solution. The new FloraLife® Blend Center tackles this issue head on with relatively low cost, and a uniquely small profile compared to traditional dosing systems. The unit is simple to piece together and will be dosing flower food accurately in minutes! The full kit is delivered calibrated specifically to our FloraLife® Solution Products, so the user does not have to worry about dosing settings.

The Blend Center Kit includes the blend center unit, 2 6' hoses for connection to water line and connection to unit and dispensing wand.

The Blend Center Unit includes unit, concentrate hose and metering tips.

This product can take up to 5 days to ship.

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