EthylBloc™ Truck Kit
EthylBloc™ Truck Kit

Features & Benefits

  • Increases flower life up to 300 percent.
  • Helps eliminate leaf yellowing.
  • Decreases premature flower aging.
  • Reduces flower bud and leaf drop.
  • Inhibits flower opening and wilting. 
  • Helps reduce costly scrap and credits.
  • Protects many cut and potted flowers, foliage plants, and bedding flowers and plants.
  • Ideal for use during shipment.
  • Effective in both refrigerated and room temperature conditions.
  • Easy to use.
  • Nontoxic and safe for workers


The transport kit is designed for larger areas that can be tightly enclosed to prevent leakage, such as a truck compartments or storage rooms.

  • Place flowers and/or plants inside the enclosable area.
  • Add the packet to the buffering solution, then exit and close the area. For maximum effectiveness and safety, prevent re-entry until treatment is completed.
  • Minimum treatment time is four hours.


38-gram size treats up to 2500 cubic feet. 75-gram size treats up to 5000 cubic feet. Please refer to packaging label for complete use instructions and proper safety requirements.

EthylBloc™ Truck Kit

Anti-ethylene truck treatment

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The first patented, EPA-approved ethylene action inhibitor, in a turnkey kit for truck or storage room use. The negative effects of ethylene are estimated to cause 30 percent of all floriculture crop losses, causing colors to dull, leaves and flowers to drop, and aging to accelerate. EthylBloc™ technology is an ethylene action inhibitor that works naturally with flowers and plants to keep them fresh, right through to the consumer. EthylBloc™ technology protects against both internal and external sources of ethylene. It is designed to be used by all segments of the floral and nursery industries, including growers, shippers, wholesalers, bouquet makers, mail order houses and retailers. With this product, suppliers and retailers will enjoy more logistical flexibility and less product shrink. And consumers will enjoy flowers and plants that will look better and last longer. EthylBloc™ is a trademark of AgroFresh Inc. Not for use on food or food crops. For professional use only.

EPA Registration #71297-1-32258


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