FloraLife® Quick Dip 100
FloraLife® Quick Dip 100
FloraLife® Quick Dip 100
FloraLife® Quick Dip 100

Features & Benefits

  • Ready-to-use solution, no mixing required.
  • Helps reduce flower shrink.
  • Ideal for all operations, saves space, time and labor.
  • Aids in reducing bent neck and droopy stems.
  • A must for roses, gerberas and field grown crops.
  • Can be used on all flower varieties including pre-made cash and carry bouquets.


  • Follow the instructions on the product label.
  • Remove foliage that will be below the solution level in the container.
  • Re-cut 1” (3 cm) the bottom of the stems with a clean knife or cutter.
  • Place stems in about two inches of Quick Dip® instant hydrating treatment for approximately one second.
  • Immediately place flowers in a Floralife® Fresh Flower Food solution.
  • Discard used solution daily or if it becomes cloudy or contaminated with debris.
  • Never pour used solution back into the original bottle.


This is a ready-to-use product. No mixing required.

FloraLife® Quick Dip 100

Liquid Ready-To-Use

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FloraLife® Quick Dip instant hydrating treatment helps maximize solution uptake and keeps flower stems optimally hydrated.

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