FloraLife® Special Blend 300 Hard
FloraLife® Special Blend 300 Hard
FloraLife® Special Blend 300 Hard

Features & Benefits

Provides a balanced formula to correct the pH and increase the speed of flower hydration and feeding.


  • Use only with special waters including high alkalinity, hard water, and pure water.
  • Remove foliage from the flower stem area which will be located below the solution level in the flower container.
  • Re-cut flower stems with a clean, sharp knife or cutting tool, cutting 1 inch (3cm) off the bottom of the stems.
  • Place flower stems in a clean, non-metallic bucket or container with FloraLife® Special Blend 300 solution for store floral displays or to keep in the cooler until time for arranging. Add additional solution as needed.
  • After treatment with FloraLife® Special Blend 300, make sure a packet of FloraLife® Flower Food is provided to customers with their floral purchase. This is your best insurance policy that proper care and handling continues after the flowers leave your business. Flower food packets are available for use to mix with 1 pint (0.5 L) and 1 quart (1 L) volumes of water.


Dissolve one scoop (4 tablespoons) of FloraLife® Special Blend 300 per one gallon (4 liters) of water.

FloraLife® Special Blend 300 Hard


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Developed for extreme quality water. Water types that generally have high hardness, alkalinity, and extreme salt levels which cause the water to resist lowering of water pH for maximum customer satisfaction. Under these conditions, little change is seen in water pH when regular flower food is added. Also waters with too low alkalinity (pure water) have two low buffering capacity to keep the flower food solution in an optimum range. These Special blends are formulated to correct these issues.

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